V-MAX-2 Cabinet Leveling Table

V-MAX-2 Cabinet Leveling Table

Product Description


  • Dimensions 195 cm x 60 cm x 137 cm(h)
  • 30 mm special pressed laminate bench
  • Electrostatic painted metal body and drawers
  • Electrostatic painted metal covers
  • Metal profile leg
  • Chrome-plated special handles
  • Pressed roller rail
  • Dustbag vacuum system on the open area
  • Blower motor vacuum system with specian carbon filter
  • Vacuum system contributing to ambient ventilation
  • Special air injection system with foot pedal
  • Fixed lamp on the bench
  • Micro motor connection convenience on table
  • Openable plexiglass cabin
  • Replecable glass eye protector
  • Air regulator


  • Laminate and membrane cover option
  • Compact and wooden polished bench option
  • Telescopic rail option
  • Illuminated company logo design option
  • Double shelf option
  • Wooden polished arm rest