DCD-4 Glass Countertop Clinical Cabinet

Glass Countertop Clinical Cabinet

Product Description


  • Dimensions 211 cm x 55 cm x 90 cm(h)
  • 15 mm special painted monolithic glass bench
  • Electrostatic painted metal body and drawers
  • Electrostatic painted metal covers
  • Based plastic leg
  • Chrome-plated metal handles
  • Tandem brake rail system
  • Sensor tap
  • 8 pcs plastic seperator in drawers
  • Dustbag fixed to cover
  • 8 mm CNC cut special glass,stylish design, high mobility wheels mobile cabinet


  • Laminate and membran cover options
  • Laminate and acrilic countertop options
  • Telescopic and pressed roller rail options
  • Tap which can controlled by foot